the comfort of radness

lovely to know someone found our breadcrumbs comforting

"I found your radness in a very peculiar / inspiring place. It was interesting because I often go to Mosquito Lake Rd as a quick outlet to get away from it all (society, people, buildings, human construction, etc.) seeing your sticker, and one that was not h8full helped me a lot. I think it will help those around me as well. Anyways, I was not intending to get all the way out there initially because I was attempting to get some pictures of a waterfall a mile or so earlier down the road. However, there happened to be people already parked at this spot and my anxieties got to the best of me. I saw the sticker as I was leaving and thought I had to take a picture of it to share with my friends... Your sticker changed my perception of how I viewed everything in life at that very moment. I will never forget it. Thanks for the motivation and please keep doing what you do! "