october update

and...here we go...Oct 28 and 29.

and...here we go...Oct 28 and 29.

greetings all...construction has begun!

here's a quick update on progress in words and images...

many thanks to all those lending hard work, food to keep us going, cold hard cash to buy the stuff we need to craft a home and all those material donations from family and local vendors.  stay tuned for a list of all contributors in the future.

ok..so updates...


thus far we have received nearly $4000 in donations and some of this has gone towards the following:

  1. windows

  2. framing package

  3. roof waterproofing underlayment

  4. insulation

  5. fasteners

  6. paint, caulk, glue etc...

  7. disposal fees

  8. flashing

we currently have about $1500 left and this will go to siding and plumbing fixtures next.


construction began this past weekend...many thanks to all who came out on this beautiful fall weekend to bring food, schlep materials, cut wood, stand walls, dice up foam for floor insulation, drill holes in metal, lie on the ground with wrenches and ratchets, sweep floors, pick up debris, coil electrical cords in the dark, stack wood, unstack wood, smile alot and generally just be kind humans...



step 1: get trailer and strip shell

step 2 build new shell

stay tuned for more progress pics and words...this weekend should be another productive few days...we are hoping to get roof framing finished and prepped for metal roof, wall sheathing completed, building wrap installed and windows in.  Come by and say hi we'd love to see you...