november update

hi all  here's another progress up date:

thanks to many hands over the last 2 weekends we have the roof framed and weathered in...waiting for flashing and metal roof to go on this coming weekend...2 of 6 windows are in and walls are wrapped and openings waterproofed...ready for the waiting windows next weekend.

whats next you ask?  over the next two weekends the plan calls for the following:

  1. Roof installation
  2. Window installation
  3. Siding Installation
  4. Meet with Gary Gibb from Gary's plumbing to review pluming rough-in...they are going to donate labor and materials for plumbing rough-in.
  5. Meet with Jeffrey Utter to finalize solar power plant details and get materials ordered and frame u utility closet on the front of the trailer to hold the following items:
    1. Propane Tanks
    2. Water Heater
    3. Solar control electronics
    4. Batteries
  6. Install exterior trim and siding components.  We will be using a ventilated wall system for long life and easy maintenance.   See video below. 
  7. Finalize interior layout and frame bathroom walls and ready for plumbing and electrical rough-in