january update

hi gang...lots has happened since we last updated you, more donations of time and dough so thanks for that


here's where we are as of january 15th...

  1. siding is complete
  2. wiring is complete
  3. solar power plant components are installed
  4. solar panels are on their way
  5. insulation and air sealing is complete
  6. rough plumbing inside is complete
  7. plumbing supply and waste lines will go in once victor's new home is moved to the site
  8. ventilation fan is installed
  9. drywall is complete
  10. interior walls have been primed-finish coats this week

what's coming up?

  1. interior trim will be ready to install by end of week...currently in A-1 shop being finished
  2. cabinetry starts this weekend
  3. interior trim and cabinets scheduled to start jan 27th.
  4. under counter fridge is on its way
  5. wood stove being installed next week
  6. work on the site has begun with tree and debris removal this past weekend

we are hoping to make the move by the end of february...stay tuned...and once again, thank you to all the kind words, helping hands and cold hard cash...


one last thing...

i know that most of you already know this about kristina, but for those that do not, please allow me a moment to elaborate on her blinding awesomness...

i have been doing this stuff much of my life and it is a rare find indeed to work along side someone with such dedication, good humor, endless enthusiasm and an unyielding willingness and bravery to learn and make mistakes and do things over if necessary to insure they are done right...i have worked next to her on nearly every aspect of this project, she starts before everyone else and works long after everyone has left, she has made countless phone calls, beguiled half the vendors in whatcom county into giving us thousands of dollars of material items, pulled together multiple trades people to donate their skills, appealed to her neighbors good will with her smile and laughter, hugs and simple requests for a hand for their fellow neighbor...she has made countless lunches, snacks, cups of coffee, store runs, late night emailing asking for help and volunteers...we should count ourselves most fortunate indeed for the opportunity she has created to be of service in such a profund manner...I know that I am...

many thanks as well to kristina's amazing family...they have been and continue to support her vision...they have been most generous to give up some of their time with their amazing mother and wife...so thanks tim, avery, morgan and casey...

i felt compelled to share the following video of kristina...it describes perfectly what it takes to build a home, persistent, patient, focused attention to the task a hand...this is but one of literally thousands and thousands of such tasks.

thanks so much for asking for our help...