february update

hi all, work continues steadily toward victor's new small home...despite some frigid days, people down with a nasty flu, and the river changing course...we carry on.  here's where we are at as we creep up on the end of february...

here's where we are as of february 20th...

  1. interior painting is complete
  2. flooring is in
  3. interior trim is finished and ready for install this weekend
  4. super cute tiny wood stove is in
  5. metal surround for wood stove is being fabricated and will go in before the end of the month
  6. cabinets and kitchen shelving are 90% done, being delivery today and going in this weekend
    1. stair/drawer cabinet is going together this weekend
  7. Electrical finish is nearly done and solar panels go on the next warm/sunny day
  8. Trees are coming down slowly and we hope to start site prep proper by mid march or sooner

what's coming up?

  1. cabinets, appliances and finish plumbing installation
  2. solar panels
  3. water supply and waste management system design and installation
  4. interior trim installation
  5. composting toilet
  6. propane tanks

we are hoping to make the move by the end of march..stay tuned...and once again, thank you to all the kind words, helping hands and cold hard cash...